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TV celeb sits pretty for recycling stunt

mail.jpg Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, the style and design, er guru (?), has designed an armchair “masterpiece” made of recycled cans.

The Can Can Chair is made from recycled drinks cans he and his family collected from around the house.

And yes, there’s a press release to big-up its exhibition in London town, where the Queen lives.

“As a nation Britain produces enough rubbish to fill the Albert Hall every two hours. But experts have determined that 60% of everything we throw away could be recycled. The eight billion drinks cans alone that we consume each year, if recycled, would produce enough energy to light every household in Britain for a year.

The chair will be displayed at City Hall in London and is set to embark on a European tour portraying how design and looking after the environment can go hand in hand. The creation will be displayed at high profile locations including government buildings, galleries, hotels and shops before arriving back in the UK in the Autumn when it will be auctioned for charity.”

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