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Trier opens world’s 7th largest solar farm

solar-panels-uprightConergy Deutschland GmbH and Trier Municipal Utilities have officially opened a new 8.4-megawatt solar park — the seventh largest in the world — in the Trier region of Germany.

Construction of the facility was completed in December.

“With their investment in this solar park, Trier Utilities not only makes a contribution to the expansion of renewable domestic production, but also to climate protection, as well as to the long-term stability of the energy supply,” said Margit Conrad, Minister of the Environment.

The solar park features more than 112,500 thin-film modules over an area of 250,000 square metres. The plant is expected to produce enough power to meet the annual needs of more than 2,400 households.

“Even during the current financial crisis, many new customer groups are discovering that photovoltaics presents a secure and sought-after investment,” said Norbert Apfel, director of Conergy Deutschland. “We are very confident that even more power suppliers will follow the example of Trier Municipal Utilities and make a contribution to the expansion of renewable energy as well.”

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