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Traffic update: Who reads Greenbang?

842450_pedestrians_go.jpgIt was a funny week. On the same day the Times Online and Yahoo! Green (Yahoo’s eco-news section) linked to the blog, Ariadne Capital, Julie Meyer’s Global Investment firm, told clients in its newsletter that it supports Greenbang.

You don’t get much better than that. (Thanks chaps.) So Greenbang wants to tell you who’s reading. Well of course he doesn’t know the names and addresses of who reads his beautiful blog, but he’s seeing a few trends emerging.

Most readers come from the UK – and of those people the majority are London-based. No surprises there. But there’s a huge number of people who tune in from Manchester, Birmingham and wait for it – Brentford. In fact, the Brentford folk spend longer on the site than any other people (an average of 18 minutes each).

Zooming out to the big picture again, the US is very close to the number of UK readers. And most of those people are based in San Francisco, which is fantastic because Greenbang does try to cater for the innovation and sustainability industry worldwide. And it just so happens that we have a new blogger starting to write from the Bay. In fact he’s on a plane moving to SF as Greenbang taps away.

But Asia’s also quite big for GB – with eco-blogger of the East, Yan Yan – who’s based in Beijing, China soaks up most visits. But Japan (Greenbang’s old stomping ground – he misses Tokyo) isn’t too far behind.

Greenbang’s still on the hunt for an Indian blogger, so if you know of anyone, do pipe up. The Australians and South Americans rank underneath that little lot – we don’t have anyone blogging from there yet.

So all in all, Greenbang’s delighted with the way things are going. And thanks for your support. Now for some more updates…

Traffic update: Who reads Greenbang? – The Global View

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