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Toyota hits the highway to highlight hybrids

toyotaToyota’s hitting the road to highlight how its hybrid engines can save the world by improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions—in a big truck.

It’s called the “Highway to the future: mobile hybrid experience” national tour (of the US) and they’re planting 50,000 trees to offset the environmental impact of the trucks (we’re guessing they’re not running on biodiesel).

It all sounds like an unusual way to promote Toyota’s energy efficiency technology. Nonetheless, visitors will get an action-packed agenda:

There are four distinct interactive learning areas within the exhibit.
* “Alternative Fuels: Fueling the Future,” identifies the differences in the various types of alternative fuels and how they are produced.
* “Environment and Resources: Small Steps, Big Difference,” shows attendees what they can do to make a difference to the environment.
* “The Prius Driving Experience” simulates the current Hybrid Synergy Drive technology allowing visitors to interact with system while on-screen instructions offer driving tips.
* “Hybrid Technology: Not All Hybrids are Created Equal” exhibit gives visitors a better understanding of the various hybrid technology options on the market and how hybrids benefit the consumer and the environment.

Toyota’s site, with tour details (and a great truck animation) available here.

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