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Toshiba’s low-power laptop launches…

prod_porteger500_125.jpgOooh ooh, it’s a new laptop with a battery that lasts eight hours, the maker Toshiba claims…

Those boys and girls at EcoGeek spotted this computer that should be available now:

“With its ultralight design and stunning silhouette, the feather light 1.72 pound* Portégé® R500 Series is the transcendent expression of executive mobility and style. Offering the world’s lightest* widescreen 12.1″ notebook PC in one configuration, and the world’s thinnest widescreen 12.1″ notebook PC with an integrated DVD-SuperMulti drive in another, the Portégé® R500 Series represents an uncompromising synthesis of portability and productivity that’s meticulously engineered for the demands of executive computing.”

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