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Toshiba passes carbon buck to customers?

There are two ways of looking at this:

1 – Toshiba is helping customers to offset the carbon from the manufacture and use of their laptops

2 – It’s helping itself pass the carbon buck and freeing any guilt from customers…

Toshiba today launched a new scheme through which its customers can offset the carbon dioxide produced during the manufacture and lifetime use of their laptops. For a small donation of £1.18, Toshiba customers now have the option of making their laptops a ‘Carbon Zero’ purchase through a tree planting scheme at dedicated Toshiba woodland, delivered in partnership with co2balance, Toshiba’s carbon offset partner.

The trees planted as part of the Toshiba Carbon Zero scheme will be native broad-leafed trees, in a new developing woodland called Sand Martin Wood in Cumbria. Trees are an effective, natural means of absorbing carbon dioxide emissions as part of the carbon cycle, with each tree absorbing around one tonne of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide during its lifetime.

Announcing the new scheme, Tom Nickson, Environmental Manager, Toshiba Computer Systems said: “The Carbon Zero scheme is an important one for Toshiba, because we’re allowing our customers to make a positive environmental choice when buying one of our products. This scheme is an important part of Toshiba’s wider commitment to improving the value, eco-efficiency of its products and business processes, as well as reducing emissions of carbon dioxide related to the manufacture and use of its products. The fact the cost to the consumer to offset one of our lap-tops is so low, demonstrates the progress made so far.”

Mark Simpson, Director of co2balance adds: “All the trees are planted on land which we own and which we manage ourselves. This ensures that we have control over the trees, in order to ensure that every one planted can absorb carbon dioxide and help combat climate change. The scheme is also a totally ‘additional’ project, which means that the trees would not otherwise have been planted but for the investment of Toshiba’s customers.”

The scheme follows the Toshiba Corporation’s recent announcement of its Environmental Vision for 2050, a long-term commitment to contribute to a better environment by recognising and responding to environmental issues. In implementing this vision, Toshiba aims to improve the value and eco-efficiency of its products and business processes and to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by the equivalent of 57.6 million tons per year in 2025 compared with 2000. It will also work to enhance its environmental efficiency and raise overall eco-efficiency to a factor of 10 by 2050.

To find out more on Toshiba’s Carbon Zero laptops scheme, visit For help reducing your carbon footprint, or to become CarbonZero, contact co2balance via its web site,

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