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Tony Blair makes US climate plea

This sent in (nicely written) by those PR swanky pants at Freud Communications – mentioned heavily in Pierce Morgan’s book – the Insider.

Tony Blair, writing in the Washington Post, has called upon the US Congress to support the forthcoming Climate Security Act, to ensure that all major emitters be part of a new global deal.

Measures in the bill, to be debated next week, include a mandatory cap-and-trade scheme, would reduce emissions 70 percent from 2005 levels by 2050 and that, says Mr Blair will help show the world that America is taking the threat of climate change seriously and will allow the US to say to other countries that they too must act.

It would allow the US, says Mr Blair,  to shape the debate and, most important, the solution by positioning itself as a nation which takes action and can persuade others, notably India and China, to do the same.

From the Tony Blair Office

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