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Tips for making cleantech ‘sexy’

green-pcbHow can cleantech companies make the most of their potential and succeed in the market, especially in these — to put it mildly — challenging economic times? Consultant Steve Weiss offers four critical ‘Ds’ at the Cleantech Group this week.

Weiss, a pro that the Cleantech Group says “made drywall seem sexy,” claims the keys for standing out in the cleantech marketplace are differentiation, drama, definition and delivery. And, while all four are important, differentiation — finding a way to stand out from the rest — is critical, he says.

“Look at any crowded cleantech sector — like solar — and see if you can tell one company from another,” Weiss writes. “Hard, isn’t it? Thin-film, concentrators, inverters and renewable are all buzzwords and generalities that quickly blur.”

We couldn’t agree more. Be sure to check out Weiss’ full guest commentary at the Cleantech Group.

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