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Timberland: Men’s Mountain Athletics All Mountain Run-off Sport

To kick off our “luxury green” series, I’ve been testing Timberland’s EarthKeeper range of mountain trainers.

“That’s weird”, you say, “That’s a bit leftfield for Greenbang.” Well the truth is that we have a lot of companies pitching us luxury products. And from our last round of reader research, it’s something you said you’d like to hear more about to help with informed buying decisions.

So from now on we’ll be regularly featuring some of the best luxury green goods going. Think of it as your weekend section 😉

The trainers

To give them a run for their money, I walked the trainers over a ten-mile hike – a true test for Timberland’s Mountain Athletics range. I love my usual walking boots, so I was skeptical anything could do a better job. But I was pleasantly surprised.

The Run-offs feel more like running trainers than heavy mountain shoes, so I did wonder how they would be on trail – for which they’ve been designed.

My feet were well cushioned by the supportive arches. I’ve got flat feet, so I have to wear very strong shoes for running, but these did the job very well. So well that it was easier to place my feet carefully instead of clumsily plodding as I usually do in my boots. Apparently this is something to do with the compressed midsole material that’s built for lightweight cushioning,

The shoe is a snug fit, so you get a lot of stability when walking without all the weight of a boot. I didn’t get any blisters either (and I usually do) because they were very comfortable.

I go through shoes very fast. Often after a week or so, I can already see where they are wearing. I walked with a 15Kg pack and had to jump and climb up and down all kinds of terrain (including bogs and streams) and they stood up to the test.

Claire (my other half, who tried the women’s version) liked the fact they looked good with a pair of jeans. The womens’ version is slightly less chunky than the men’s but have all the same features. The silver/grey colour is deceptively cunning – as they are super-reflective in the dark, and certainly more fashionable than the local ramblers’ club are wearing this year.

From a sustainability perspective, the real benefit of the run-off is that they are made from recycled materials, particularly rubber (47%) – and to a very high level. The PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) lining is 50% recycled and the laces are 100%.

The verdict:

The Run-Off is a strong trainer that Timberland has designed well. You can run, walk, climb and mess around in these shoes while looking every bit the hiker about town. As always you can find out more and view the range at the official site.