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Thought for the day – cash low leads to green woe

From Advertising Age

“The shift seemed to reflect changing priorities on the part of their customers. “If [consumers] can’t afford the product, or it’s not the quality you want, [they’re] not going to be focusing on its environmental friendliness,” said Christine Moorman, the professor who led the project surveying top marketers at 72 companies culled from both the Fortune 1000 and Forbes’ 200 top small firms.”

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  • Payday Leads
    Posted September 16, 2008 at 5:54 am

    The article is correct. Many consumers loose the focus on the need to purchase earth-friendly products when money is tight. I know our company takes a “hybrid” (no pun intended) approach and deliveries a fairly environmentally friendly product at a recession proof price. It’s worked well for us in the past several months as the economy has been soft.

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