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Thin-client computing – the answer to IT’s energy problems?

knight_rider_thumbnail.jpgIt might help a bit, but there’s a lot of other stuff you can do as well.

That’s the conclusion, we reckon.

One of Greenbang’s writers wrote a piece for the Financial Times about it today. Note the hommage to the Hoff – thin-client computing needed something fun for an introduction…

“David Hasselhoff has just featured in a remake of Knight Rider , the 1980s action-car TV show.

“But to the sorrow of those old enough to remember, the 1980s have made a comeback in other ways, too: radio DJs are resuscitating music that died long ago, while students embrace shoulder pads and brick-sized mobile phones as “retro” accessories.

“Few would have thought such revolutions in fashion could make their way into the computing industry. But rising energy costs are causing companies to ask their IT experts what they can do to cut the bills. And some are suggesting moving back in time to thin-client computing.”

Read the rest – here… 

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