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Thermal images of PCs pumping heat


Wow – thermal images of just how much heat your computer pumps out.

Neoware sent these over – so thanks to them for that.  Here’s their take on the pictures, with a cheeky plug, if you will.




The thermal imaging photography reinforces the ‘green’ credentials of the m100 – the leading thin client laptop on the market – as it clearly demonstrates how it emits less heat than a traditional laptop.

The thermal imaging photography was undertaken in a controlled environment by Visual Media with the Neoware m100 laptop and a traditional laptop running simultaneously for one hour. The photography clearly shows more heat is generated in the traditional laptop because it contains a fan, hard drive and other moving parts. As these elements are not present in the Neoware m100 thin client laptop, the heat emitted is considerably reduced – the photography shows the flash drive is 10°C cooler in the m100 (30°C) compared to the traditional laptop (38°C+).

neoware_thermal_039001.jpgFurther photography of a desktop PC found that the hard drive, CPU and chipset reached temperatures in excess of 47°C, with the power supply fan at temperatures over 30°C. As thin client devices do not contain these moving parts, the photography is proof that thin client computing is a greener alternative to PCs. Indeed, the desktop PC was photographed in a quiet state, so had it been functioning at full capacity, the chipsets and processor would have been even hotter.

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