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There be turbines on them there German hills…

germany.jpgGreenbang has already stated his love of Germans. For they shall romp home with the European Championship next year. Hell, they even fixed it so they would be drawn against near neighbours Poland, Austria and Croatia for a friendly local beating. And there is, of course, some history there…

But, on the green side of life, Greenbang loves Germany too.

Take this stat for example: Wind power generates five per cent of German electricity.

And how about this one: The German powers that be think wind power will generate 30 per cent of all of its energy by 2030.

The only problem is, where do you put all the wind turbines? Here’s an interesting article from The Guardian on the subject:

‘There’s not that much empty land space,’ said Steve Sawyer, secretary-general of the Global Wind Energy Council, which represents the industry. ‘Northern Europe is this little, crowded peninsula on the western tip of Asia with an awful lot of people.
‘The next big phase of development in places like Germany and Holland will be offshore, where the resources are so much better.’

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