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Theolia acquires wind farm in Morocco

864580_wind_energy.jpg Theolia has agreed with EDF Group to acquire part of a Moroccan wind farm.

Theolia is a European  producer of renewable energies and operates in France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Eastern Europe as well as India and Brazil.

Based in Tétouan, in the North of Morocco, CED owns the biggest wind farm in the country. It comprises 84 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 50.4MW and an output of c. 190GWh per year.

Theolia will benefit from the agreement with the Moroccan National Office of Electricity (Office National de l’Electricité, ONE) which has committed to purchase all electricity produced for a further 12 years, at a predefined rate.

A team of 10 people have been managing this wind farm since it was commissioned in 2000. Theolia can now rely on this team and thus implement its strategy to integrate maintenance of its wind farms in
emerging markets.

Theolia acquires wind farm in Morocco – The Global View

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