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The world’s ten most polluted places

pollutedThe Ukraine, Azerbaijan, India, Peru (pictured here, credit to AP for the photo) and a bunch of others are named and shamed in a new list of the most polluted places in the world.

Done by the Blacksmith Institute, you can find out more about these depressing places in this feature in National Geographic.

In the location pictured here, for example, a metal smelter has been running for 85 years, leading to dangerously high blood lead levels in nearly all the local children–and lung ailments, acid rain, premature deaths and other nastiness is all very prevalent.

The list runs as follows (see them mapped out here; where not to go on holiday): Sumgayit, Azerbaijan; Linfen, China; Sukinda, India; Vapin, India; La Oroya, Peru; Dzerzhinsk, Russia; Noril’sk, Russia; Chernobyl, Ukraine; Kabwe, Russia; (Tianying, China, is not pictured.)

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