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The UK Clean Tech Start-up Company Index 2008

Ohhhh, this has been a long time coming. Welcome readers, to the Greenbang UK Clean Tech Start-up Index.

It’s taken a lot of work to get this finished, but finally we’re there.

Over the next month, you’ll be hearing us talk about what we found in our research from our interviews with these companies. You’ll also be seeing our posts about the companies we have selected.

The quality of clean tech projects in the UK is something else – we’ve seen fuel made through algae, smart meters that tailor your power usage, clever transport infrastructures for London, and recycled chip-oil all processed while you wait in the comfort of a lorry that turns up at your address.

Big thanks to the University of Bath Innovation Centre and Hill and Knowlton for sponsoring the report. For those of you regular readers, you’ll notice we started this project as the top 30 UK start up companies in the  clean tech arena.

We talked to so many companies to get our list. The trouble was – a lot of them were still at the ‘idea’ phase and a good number more hadn’t even got websites, nor any money, products, services or real infrastructure.

We could have picked 30 companies, but we felt we wanted to have really good companies in the list and not compromise on the quality of business.

If you’d like to have a look at our  work, click on this link:


I hope you enjoy it. Now here’s the list of those who made it.

Dan Ilett – Editor


■ AMEE UK Limited
■ Aquamarine Power Limited
■ Aquascientific Ltd
■ Camfridge Ltd.
■ Credit360 Ltd
■ DeepStream Technologies
■ E-Stack Ltd
■ EVO Electric Ltd.
■ Flybrid Systems LLP
■ G24 Innovations Ltd
■ GoLow Ltd
■ IWMS Limited
■ Orecon Ltd
■ Origo Industries
■ PowerOasis
■ Proper Oils
■ QuantaSol Ltd
■ quietrevolution
■ Regenatec
■ Thermofluidics
■ ViaPost Ltd
■ Viridis Technology


  • donaldg
    Posted November 12, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    For any people involved in cleantech I recently joined this linkedin group – and find it really useful for networking

  • Dick Winchester
    Posted September 12, 2008 at 8:47 am

    Not a new story. It’s been well understood for a long time that the UK financial services sector nor the Treasury is interested in providing risk equity capital to this sector when other countries can be relied upon to develop and produce the technology we need so we can buy what we want when we want it.

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