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Moon cakes are over-packaged

CHINA WATCH It’s Mid-Autumn day, a Chinese traditional festival that celebrates the harvest and family gathering.

And it is our Chinese tradition to eat moon cakes, but the over-packaging of the moon cakes seems to bring a lot of waste. After Mid-Autumn Day, people  throw away tons of moon cake boxes.

Over-packaging moon cakes has raised controversy this year. A Chinese article on the Xinmin Newspaper calls for simpler or even no packaging.

Greenbang once received a box of moon cakes with four layers of packaging – a paper box outside, then a metal box, then silk, then plastic, and finally the moon cake appeared.

190920074261.jpg Take a look at this huge and fancy package with only six small moon cakes in it.

It looks like most of the money spent on moon cakes is for packaging.

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  • Biggles Bigglesby
    Posted September 21, 2007 at 4:24 pm

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