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The Greenbang top-30 UK sustainable-technology and business startups are…

greenbang-bus-cards.jpgHaha – we’re not there yet, but almost. There’s still time to submit your company for the list, which will be published all over the place.

Don’t forget that CNBC publishes all our posts. And we’ll be commentating on this here, there and everywhere…

Here’s the blurb, in case you missed it.

Greenbang is publishing a report on the UK’s top 30 clean-tech start-up companies.

This report, while focused on the UK, is intended for Greenbang’s global audience of entrepreneurs, investors and business communities, who want to learn about the state of the green innovation industry.

The research is intended to recognize excellence in business, and to demonstrate that business and green credentials can work hand in hand.

The final report, which will appear under the Greenbang banner, will provide a detailed profile of all 30 companies. They will be chosen for their ability to demonstrate excellence in business and environmental innovation. Failing in either of these areas would exclude them from the list.

The report will index rather than rank the country’s most promising young companies. To qualify, the company must:

• Be less than two-years old
• Privately owned
• Have a strategic path to profit and/or be an obvious target for investment
• Sell a product or service that has clear environmental benefits to society and the planet

Good luck – and get writing:


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