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The ‘green’ revolution: dance-powered lights, solar-powered vibrators and more…

fordGreenbang’s inbox has been bulging with an incredible array of ‘green’ products, ranging from the fun (pencil cases made from old car tyres) to the downright dubious (helicopter-based eco-tours).

Others are noticing the same trends all over the world, as firms re-brand products or services as eco-offerings. Of course, much of this is great, as companies figure out how to make something in a less harmful way. But some do tend to raise the odd eyebrow, as this article notes:

New eco-cars range from the slightly dubious hybrids that mix a V6 engine with an electric motor, to all-electric racing cars that can beat Ferraris. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has had his Hummers converted to hydrogen (although there’s no word on him giving up pumping cigar smoke into the atmosphere).

Nice, one example is pictured above, part of the “eco-limo fleet”. And don’t forget about those devastating vibrators:

There are, sadly, no statistics on exactly how much environmental damage is caused by vibrators powered by conventional means. But, just in case it’s unexpectedly second only to long-haul flights for carbon emissions, a company called California Exotic has created a solar-powered vibrator called Solar Sensations.

Apparently it’s shaped like a mobile phone, to avoid the neighbours raising their eyebrows too.

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