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The green entrepreneur’s toolbox

Bootstrapper has put a handy guide to 100 networking resources, guides and links for entrepreneurs.

Check it all out here (the only shame being that Greenbang is absent from the list, but we’re dealing with it). It’s got some handy stuff, such as:


If you’re working green, you probably want to make your office paperless. Check out these tools that make it possible to do most of your work on your computer or even online.

  1. Backpack: Instead of using lots of paper for to-do lists, ideas, and notes, put them all online with Backpack.
  2. FreshBooks: Fresh Books makes it easy to do all of your billing online, even offering the option to email bills to your customers.
  3. Breeze: Forget about sending out bulk snail mail. Send out a top-notch email campaign using Breeze.
  4. Project Keep your customers informed about where you are on their project. Project makes it easy to get everyone in the loop online.

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