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The green efforts of the Foo Fighters

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There were celebrations this weekend for one of Greenbang’s writers, who went to watch the Foo Fighters last night at the 02.

It was the band’s last night on tour, but that made the gig even more enjoyable, as Dave Grohl and the boys blasted out some amazing sounds. All the faves came up – “Best of you”, “All my life”, “Everlong” – the list goes on.

Greenbang had no idea the Foos had released a carbon neutral CD a while back. You have to watch out how you measure that term ‘carbon neutral’, but still a step in the right direction.

ONE BY ONE has become the first CD by a US-based band to be Carbon Neutral, with the help of CarbonNeutral – a company which empowers businesses and individuals alike to take positive action against global warming, by offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions they produce by everyday activities.

CarbonNeutral measured the amount of CO2 – the main ‘greenhouse gas’ that causes global warming – produced by the production and distribution of the new album, and the band are offsetting this by sponsoring two forestry projects – in California and in Tensas River, Louisiana.

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