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The electric-solar-hybrid bike boom

bikeIs it just us, or is there a bit of an electric bike boom going on?

There’s this oddly shaped fellow pictured here on the left (picture courtesy of engadget), which cruises at 20mph (but can be bumped up to more than twice that with a bit of tinkering).

There’s a more orthodox looking one over here, from Matra, which lets get as far as 62mph before the juice runs out (and then you’re cycling home).

Finally, there’s this shiny chap below. Notice anything odd? Yes, it’s got solar-powered wheels (picture courtesy of EcoGeek). Once it’s charged up, it can get up to 19mph, we’re told, although one wonders how effective it’d be for a midday ride when not much sun is going to be hitting home. Anyway, fun to

Greenbang wonders how to classify these bikes? Puts a whole new spin on hybrid power…

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