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The Clean Tech Start-up Index – e-stack Ltd

We are into the second week of giving you an insight into the companies that made up this years Clean Tech Start-up Index. Today’s post is all about e-stack Ltd.

  • Founder/ CEO: Shaun D Fitzgerald
  • Founding date: January 2008
  • Number of employees: 4
  • Turnover: Not given
  • Website:

e-stack is a ventilation system that recycles heat generated in buildings to save energy by minimising fan power. The objective is to keep rooms comfortably heated yet regularly replenished with fresh air, keeping CO2 levels low. The company’s system can be installed in any interior from schools to theatres, office buildings and houses.

The company reckons its system cuts in half the energy consumption of a building. It also eliminates cold draughts by mixing incoming cold air with existing hot air. e-stack also offers free cooling in summer by circulating the cool air that comes in at night. The technology is cheaper than alternative mechanical ventilation schemes, the company tells us.

The Greenbang Barometer

It’s worth noting that the company was spun-off from the University of Cambridge and has got exclusive rights to use the ventilation technology. Not only has it got a bunch of very clever people behind it, it’s able to use the fruits of its work without being jumped on by the competition. Clever strategy.

Unsurprisingly the system is proving popular. Sales have already been made and there are further orders in the pipeline. This is one start-up that doesn’t look like it’s going to have any struggles to reach substance. It’s also got R&D work going on to improve the systems and there are prototypes already being trialled.

Greenbang is impressed and reckons there will be more tasty tech coming out of this company in the future. Clearly cutting capital costs for customers while also saving on the energy bills is the way to go. All in all, a viable strategy with cool results. Get it?

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