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The Clean Tech Start-up Index – DeepStream Technologies

Today’s business from Greenbang’s Clean Tech Start-up Index is DeepStream Technologies.

  • Founder/ MD: Mark Crosier
  • Founding date: 2003
  • Number of employees: 80
  • Turnover: £1 million
  • Website:

DeepStream Technologies’ product gives you data of where, how and what energy is been wasted – and all this can be done remotely. This is done with digital sensors that can be embedded in a wide range of devices in the home, office or in industrial equipment. Essentially, the technology uses energy analysis in electrical circuits and products to create a smart energy network.

The result is that there’s potential for reducing energy consumption by as much as 20 percent, the company says. The proprietary system’s automated processes allow for the manufacture of threedimensional electronic modules, a step up from two-dimensional printed circuit boards. The company has also set out to tackle the issues around the physical nuts and bolts of these modules, making them easier to fit into awkward spaces. The housing is hardy too – able to cope with hostile environments such as electrical arcing and high temperatures.

The Greenbang Barometer

Energy efficiency is one of the easier sells in clean tech and smart networking is making massive inroads in some regions, not least the US. DeepStream’s charm is that not only has it thought about the clever insides of the system, it’s also worked on the outsides – the housing – to make it easier for companies to fit the system themselves.

DeepStream has made the transition from start-up to substance. A recent agreement worth $16 million with Moeller, a supplier of industrial automation and distribution components, means that commercial application is not far off.

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