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Thank you to all who celebrated Greenbang’s birthday

190620081111.jpgIt was a superb turnout last night with 140 of you walking through the door. I didn’t see too many photos taken of all the embarrassing moments, so now I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

Massive thanks to Weber Shandwick, the PR company, for sponsoring the event. Michelle, who leads the cleantech team there is the person to speak to if you’re looking to PR your green business.

Clive Booth, chairman of the Sustainable Technology Group and a senior sort at the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, was a great help in bringing some of his sustech colleagues along.

Thanks also to the sexy, sophisticated PR chicks at RacePoint for the cake, and to Emma Wilkinson from Adobe who presented me “Bluebang” the duck (pictured).

I was going to write a list of attendees and link back to their websites, but I’m a bit snowed under with work today, so I’ll just name a few of the organisations represented by some splendid people:

The Financial Services Authority

The Carbon Trust

The Economist Intelligence Unit



The Movement Design Bureau





Delta Simons


The Global Sustainability Challenge



Technology of Tomorrow 2008

Drinking Water Solutions

Climate Change Corp


P3 Capital

Howler Technologies



Thinking String




Strata Technology Partners


The Financial Times



Origo Industries

Afterwards I went for some dim sum with Nilima Patwardhan from IBM, Simon Perry (ex-CA VP but now moving into the analyst world) and Luica from the Red Agency, plus a few old uni mates, and Dave – the CTO. I was shattered when I got home, but two companies have already said they will sponsor the next drinks event, so we’ll see how we go.

For now, thanks for all your support and don’t be a stranger. Email us if you’ve got a story – we want to hear it.


Editor – Eco-tech and business news

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  • James Whatley
    Posted June 19, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Had a good chat with Nilima towards the end of the evening.

    Pass on my regards if you speak to her again, she was without cards and was determined to lose my little moo.


    Nice evening sir, thank you for the invite. Glad I dragged myself out of bed.

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