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Tesla Roadster: It’s here!

tesla.jpgHoorah! Ladies and gentleman, bust out the cigars and charge your glasses, for we are about to witness the birth of a beautiful baby electric car. Yes, that’s right, Tesla is finally about to bring forth its long awaited Roadster.

The car went into production this week, according to Tesla, with the 2008 Roadster already sold out and orders now being taken for the 2009 model. The company reckons over 9,000 of the vehicles have already been reserved.

Said company CEO Ze’ev Drori on his blog:

While this is an important milestone for the company and a watershed for the new era of electric vehicles, we still have a lot of work to do. Our key focus with the Roadster will be on gradually ramping up our production in a deliberate and controlled manner reaching a rate of over 100 Roadsters per month early next year.

At this point our attention is expanding into the sales and service arena marked by the opening of our Los Angeles store and Menlo Park store in the near future.

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