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Tesla gets legal over hybrid design

tesla.jpgGreenbang likes a laugh and a joke, as you’ve probably noticed. But sometimes, Greenbang has to put on a sober suit and a sober voice and talk sensibly. Now is one of those times. Are you ready? Then she’ll being.

Tesla, the company behind the super-sexy, super-green vehicle to your left, has filed a suit against a designer hired to work on one of the vehicles, Henrik Fisker, and his chief operating officer, Bernhard Koehler, doing business under the name Fisker Coachbuild, according to the New York Times, alleging they took the contract for the design in order to get access to confidential information from Tesla and make a rival eco-car.

Fisker is the CEO of his own hybrid car firm called Fisker Automotive, which makes luxury hybrid cars. Its posh green motors should be shipping from the last quarter of next year.

The Times adds that they decided not to use Fisker’s designs which caused a delay in the car’s manufacture. The suit aims to prevent Fisker from using Tesla design documents, return his fees from the design contract as well as damages, the paper said.