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Tata ready to debut hybrid Nanos?

india.jpgWhen Tata Motors came out with the ‘People’s Car’ aka the Nano – a £1,200 petrol powered vehicle, it sent the green lobby reaching for paper bags to stop the hyperventilation and restorative pints of whisky to calm their nerves.

Now Tata is apparently getting ready to pull a Madonna-like makeover and remodel itself, not in disco glitter hotpants and rollerskates like the queen of pop, but as an eco-motor maker.A report in the The Economic Times says Tata planning electric and hybrid cars for the mass market.

The company is working on a petrol-electric hybrid vehicle capable of delivering about 20 km per litre complying with BS III and IV emission norms that could be applicable to Indica and its variants and also a possible adaptation of the concept to other platforms in future.

Moreover, the sources said Tata Motors is also working on five prototype electric vehicle using lithium ion batteries to be produced on the Indica platform, which could have a range of 200 kilometres per charge.

Apparently, it could all be with us by 2011. If Tata can make it for the price of the people’s car, Greenbang doesn’t think it’s a stretch to say the company could change the world of transport as we know it.


  • jai ganesh g.m.
    Posted March 6, 2008 at 8:14 am

    Hi, I am a Mechanical Engineer, I am intrested in doing creating awareness abt the importance od hybrid fuel system in Automobile makers. Currently,I am doing my final year MBA,I hve taken the topic for thesis on feasibility of Hybrid version of Tata Nano in Indian Market. I want to know abt the details whether such possibility will be viable in Indian Market? form which source i can get all these details?
    I will be very thankful for your suggestions.

  • Ty Cambell
    Posted February 12, 2008 at 10:56 am

    The $2,500 People’s Car can be an optional $5,000 plug-in hybrid, selling in Europe and the U.S. for $7,000. A Hybrid People’s Car would get over 100 mpg. I would buy one.

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