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Task force eyes low-carbon prosperity

wheat-fieldFifty-two major companies have joined forces with other organisations and experts to form a new low-carbon prosperity Task Force.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown had issued an invitation for organisations to create such a task force during the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos earlier this year.

The new group aims to workd with government and UN officials to develop a set of policies and projects to start building a global low-carbon economy from 2010 onwards.

“The Task Force wants to see a third industrial revolution — a green one — creating green growth, green jobs and green economic prosperity,” said Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group and chair of WEF’s Global Agenda Council on Climate Change. “The G20 meeting this week is a unique diplomatic opportunity for climate experts, industry, civil society and governments to push together for green stimulus packages and an ambitious global deal in Copenhagen.  The right deal needs to be strong enough to put us on a low carbon growth plan while giving a predictable long-term framework for business to deliver to.”

Among the companies that have signed on to the task force are Accenture, Arup, British Airways, Deutsche Bank, Google, HSBC Holdings, Novozymes, Royal Dutch Shell and Vestas Wind Systems.

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