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Electricity and gas companies aren’t the only utilities are worried about keeping their services going as demand rises while resources grow increasingly constrained. Water utilities also have reasons for concern. That’s because the growing middle classes of the world want more water not just for drinking, but consume much... Read more
How can water utilities keep supplies flowing even when demand is at its highest? FreeWave Technologies and Rockwell Automation are banking on wireless communications and controls. FreeWave, which makes radios for critical data transmission, is teaming up with Rockwell Automation, to design and implement a comprehensive SCADA (supervisory control... Read more
GE Intelligent Platforms has released the Proficy for Water InfoCenter, a solution pack that uses the Proficy software platform to help water utilities face their many challenges to make better decisions saving time and money for better service to customers. The Proficy for Water InfoCenter is part of GE’s... Read more
Siemens Water Technologies is providing Hydro Recovery LP with a wastewater treatment system to treat natural gas hydraulic fracturing wastewater (flowback) from Marcellus Shale drilling as well as produced water from operating wells in Tioga and surrounding counties in northeastern Pennsylvania. This flowback and produced water waste treatment system... Read more
Siemens will supply more than $1 billion in equipment to Saudi Arabia for a combined cycle power plant with seawater desalination facility. The order is one of the largest ever for Siemens Energy in the Middle East. It was placed by a consortium comprising Al Arrab Contracting Company, Saudi... Read more
Not too worried about the prospects of future water shortages because you live somewhere with healthy aquifers and free-flowing faucets? Then consider this: without adequate supplies of clean, fresh water on a global scale, agriculture — the most water-intensive of industries — will suffer. And if agriculture suffers, so... Read more
In yet another sign that there’s a risky disconnect between real environmental conditions and business perceptions, a new report warns that investors who buy municipal bonds in the US might not be getting the full picture on the water challenges facing public utilities. “The Ripple Effect: Water Risk in... Read more
The planet’s climate dilemma and coming energy crunch are reasons enough to worry, but both might be overshadowed by the state of our water supplies. Four out of every five people today live in areas exposed to “high levels of threat to water security,” an international team of scientists... Read more
Before Rita Colwell’s groundbreaking research in the 1960s, doctors and scientists believed the deadly disease cholera spread via water contaminated by human sewage. However, she discovered something other researchers until then had missed: that the Vibrio cholera bacterium could latch onto zooplankton — microscopic organisms — in water and... Read more
It’s an oxymoron, but not an impossible one: “Dry water.” In fact, the powdery version of Earth’s most abundant liquid could potentially hold the key to reversing global warming, harnessing natural gas energy and driving new, more energy-efficient ways to produce food ingredients, medicines and other consumer products. Researchers... Read more