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Peak water worries energy experts
What are the key takeaways from the World Economic Forum’s latest report on energy? One, global energy demand is showing no signs of slowing down, despite “peak driving” having arrived already in the US and Europe. Two, if we’re going to ease energy poverty for the large chunk of... Read more
Future of water demands innovation and conservation
With water stresses already at high levels in many parts of the world and not expected to ease in 2013, a number of innovators are trying new technologies to produce, purify and conserve this critical resource. New solutions will be needed across the globe. The central US, for example,... Read more
From space, our planet might look like a “big blue marble” rich with water. On the ground, though, reality is different: water use in many parts of the world has become unsustainable, threatening not only local populations but global agriculture and business as well. Water stress has “major implications... Read more
Most forms of energy we produce also require us to use water, often lots of water. Think of all the water needed to cool nuclear reactors, for example, or to generate steam to drive turbines in coal-fired power plants. Hydropower, obviously, couldn’t exist without water. Nor could biofuels …... Read more
This year’s World Water Day is focused on the most essential way in which we use water: to produce the food we eat. As the United Nations reminds us today, water and food security are inextricably linked. But so too are water and energy. It’s a connection we don’t... Read more
Just as smart electricity meters are touted as a way to better control energy consumption and waste, smart water meters promise to help cities around the world stem losses due to everything from aging, leaky pipes to outright theft. A SmartReach consortium metering trial under way in Reading and... Read more
It’s been said that water is the next oil … as in, it’s the next resource we’ll find increasingly harder and more costly to use. That presents a growing challenge not only for individual users, but for the water companies that supply them. Water utilities, like electricity companies, are... Read more
Energy and water are linked in many ways, though we don’t always give much thought to the connections. A lot of water, for example, is used in producing electricity … whether it’s to provide cooling at nuclear power plants or to create steam to drive generators at a solar-thermal... Read more
For all the complaining about waste in Washington, DC, it seems that some federal agencies are doing pretty well at cutting back on wasted energy and water. This year’s winners of¬†Federal Energy and Water Management Awards, now in their 30th year, helped to reduce energy use by 7.9 trillion... Read more
Having completed early tests of an energy-saving method for turning saltwater into clean drinking water, Siemens is preparing to take its technology to the product development phase. The technology, which uses half as much energy as other desalination processes, was tested at a demonstration plant built in Singapore. Siemens... Read more