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Dutch electric-car drivers will never be far from a place to charge

Getting a large segment of society to replace gas-powered vehicles with electric ones raises a chicken-and-egg problem: how can you promote a shift to plug-in cars when drivers don't have a convenient network of places at which to plug in? For two electric-car-loving entrepreneurs, however, unique circumstances in the Netherlands offered a solution to that conundrum. Reasoning…

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World’s cities look at how to keep moving, emit much less

Persuading people -- especially large new populations of first-time car-owners in developing countries -- to drive their cars less won't be easy. But it's vitally important for reducing the risks of climate change, lowering dependence on oil and improving public health. Globally, road transport is the second largest source of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) after…

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Research: Cars can be safer without human drivers

Worried about how technology-enabled, driverless cars will be able to navigate through intersections without crashing into one another? No need to, according to researchers at Virginia Tech Transportation Research. Automated intersection controllers will be able to help cars through faster and more safely than if humans were driving, they've found. The research by civil engineering professor Hesham…

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Lyon pilots system for real-time traffic insights

A first-of-its-kind analytics technology is bringing new intelligence to the transportation management center for the city of Lyon, France. The system now being piloted gives transportation engineers real-time decision support on how to reduce traffic congestion and provide faster responses to unexpected events. Lyon officials and IBM announced the pilot during the Smart City Expo and World…

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