Market Research and Insight

Energy company E.ON is continuing its research grant program, launched in 2007, with a focus on smart homes in the coming year. E.ON is offering a total of €1 million for research with the theme “Smart home: A new customer relationship with energy.” It’s seeking research project proposals looking... Read more
What could be smarter than a “smart” home equipped with technologies that provide real-time energy consumption statistics, run the wash during the middle of the night when electricity prices are lowest and periodically switch off the fridge to save power while ensuring food stays safely cold? How about a... Read more
The UK can now boast it’s created the first home that can learn from its inhabitants and even take action and send text messages if it’s being burgled or a door has been left unlocked. Unveiled in Cairo, Egypt, this week, InterHome was developed by researchers at the University... Read more
AlertMe, a UK-based smart-home technology firm, recently won a £40,000 Shell Springboard Award for its home energy-saving service. The award, offered by Royal Dutch Shell Plc, recognises innovative, low-carbon business ideas in the UK. Due to launch soon, AlertMe’s Home Energy Savings kit uses Smart Plugs, a heating controller... Read more
Innovative smart homes with motion sensors could soon help people with dementia to live safely and independently, according to the University of Bath. Using funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, university researchers have developed a system that can monitor people’s movements in a home, automatically turns... Read more