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By Tory Patrick Although the implementation of smart meters has elicited varied opinions from the areas impacted, the bottom line is that restructuring our infrastructure will be beneficial for everyone in the long run. Hence, the increasingly competitive smart-grid marketplace, where there are new technologies sprouting up on a... Read more
A firm based in California says it’s developed a software designed to make it easier for utilities to assess the performance of the electricity grid using large volumes of data from multiple sources. Created to accommodate the microsecond measurements recorded by synchrophasors — devices used to measure the state... Read more
Metering company Elster and energy management information systems specialist ENER21 plan to combine their offerings to deliver real-time energy monitoring. The companies aim to enable monitoring and verification of consumption data for large-scale energy projects by combining Elster’s EnergyICT EIServer Project Tracking system and ENER21’s Energy Management Information System... Read more
Oracle Utilities will be helping Georgia’s Cobb Electric Membership Corporation manage the vast amount of data the utility will be gathering from its deployment of 196,000 smart electricity meters. A not-for-profit electric membership cooperative that serves parts of the metropolitan Atlanta area, Cobb EMC will work with Oracle and... Read more
Scientific Conservation Inc. (SCI), which provides predictive diagnostics and analytics for energy efficiency, plans to acquire the energy management and demand response firm Servidyne in an all-cash transaction. The $3.50-per-share acquisition is expected to close during or before the fourth quarter of this year. Once the transaction is completed,... Read more
Don’t knock energy efficiency: done right, it could cut our power demands as much as taking 100,000 homes off the grid every year. That’s what San Francisco-based energy management software firm Opower has set out to do. It says it aims to reduce overall energy consumption in the US... Read more
The “internet of things,” as the smart grid is often called, shares a lot of characteristics with an unlikely person: “celebutante” Paris Hilton: They’ve both partied in Amsterdam Impossible to go a week without hearing about either of them Money … big money Pro on energy independence Not really... Read more
Continuing on its quest to grab a share of the future “smart energy” market, GE has decided to buy one of the technology companies it singled out last year as an ecomagination Challenge winner. The $200 million challenge was aimed at identifying and funding innovative firms with “the best... Read more
Building owners and residents in Finland will soon be able to try out an energy efficiency technology that could outsmart — in terms of potential energy savings — their already-smart electricity meters. The utility company Fortum has begun one pilot program using new smart-meter communications modules from Echelon, and... Read more
Recent developments in building a cleaner, smarter energy future haven’t been just good … they’ve been Google good. The search engine giant has been busy in recent weeks, going big on sustainability with investments in the world’s largest wind farm, an ultra-high-speed fiber project and a joint effort with... Read more