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OM targets alternative energy market with $1bn acquisition

OM Group Inc. plans to purchase the German advanced materials firm Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. (VAC) for around €700 million ($1 billion). Founded in 1923, VAC designs, produces and markets technologically advanced materials and technologies, cores and components, and permanent magnets for electronic equipment markets, including the alternative energy, automotive, electric vehicles, electrical installation, and energy…

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Masdar City aims at ‘greatest challenges’

It's an ambitious vision, but one its planners believe is achievable: a six-square-kilometre planned development in the United Arab Emirates that will be built with regionally appropriate architecture, feature sustainable materials, be powered by renewable energy, feature a low carbon footprint, use water sustainably and produce zero waste. Dubbed Masdar City, the development is also intended…

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Energy aid to poor benefits us all

One of the interesting concepts explored during the recent IBM sustainability summit was how to encourage renewable energy in the poorest developing countries, in particular those in Africa. A large amount of aid is currently funneled towards developing economies, along with a lot of investment, particularly from China. With the UK government's pledge to save foreign…

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