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One of the most advanced power-grid control systems in the world has quietly switched on in the northeastern US. Its focus: to reduce risks to electricity supplies and enable the transition to a smarter energy grid. Late last year, PJM Interconnection — a regional transmission organization (RTO) that handles... Read more
On-Ramp Wireless has partnered with meter data management system (MDMS) provider Ecologic Analytics to provide a pre-integrated system for utilities looking to implement smart-metering programs. On-Ramp has also just begun offering meter communication modules for the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) space. Working with Ecologic Analytics’ MDMS system, On-Ramp’s Ultra-Link... Read more
AT&T is offering utilities that buy its smart-grid products a pre-pay option that lets them cover their machine-to-machine (M2M) data expenses up to 10 years in advance. The option will help utility companies by letting them know in advance exactly what their smart-grid-related data costs are, according to AT&T.... Read more
Rather than building its own private communications network for a 1.8-million-customer smart-meter rollout across Michigan, Consumers Energy is opting for a cellular-based system. Its decision to deploy the system with SmartSynch makes it the largest utility yet in the US to choose cellular-based communications for a smart-grid deployment. Consumers... Read more
By early next year, metering firm Elster expects to roll out a new platform that will enable a smart meter to operate on different communications networks with simple remote programming to “alter the device’s personality.” The company is calling its REXUniversal offering the “world’s first truly integrated universal meter... Read more
Several companies and universities in Israel have come together to create a new group aimed at developing next-generation unified communication and smart-grid management networks for utilities. Founding members of the ISG Consortium include ECI Telecom, Motorola Solutions Israel Ltd., CEVA, Yitran Communications, PowerCom, RUGGEDCOM, Control Applications, Ben-Gurion University, the... Read more
With the goal of speeding up smart-grid developments in the UK, Cable&Wireless (C&W) Worldwide and Silver Spring Networks are teaming up to create a networking solution that can support both existing and future improvements. The companies aim to develop a communications fabric that will be secure, upgradable and able... Read more
3e Technologies International (3eTI) is offering a new wireless platform to help federal and commercial building operators better control their systems to manage energy consumption. 3eTI’s EnergyGuard platform is based on a real-time energy monitoring and control system developed by the company that has helped to reduce energy consumption... Read more
Energy control networking company Echelon has obtained its 100th patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office. The newest patent applies to a method of constructing a communications transformer for high reliability in energy control network applications, and at significantly lower cost than previously possible. Echelon’s energy control networking... Read more
Nusajaya, a 24,000-acre real-estate development on the southwestern tip of the Malaysian peninsula, is working to become a “smart,” digitally connected city. The initiative supports the government’s goal of creating a Digital Malaysia master plan for a more integrated, interconnected and innovative economy. Nusajaya’s development will be led by... Read more