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Butterfly wings could inspire more powerful solar cells

Ultra-tiny structures that mimic the structure of butterfly wings could hold the secret to more powerful solar cells, according to researchers from the State University of Pennsylvania and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. The researchers have developed a technique that recreates biological structures on a nano scale (one nanometre is equal to 0.000000001 metre). In nature,…

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Firm promotes nanotech coatings for energy efficiency

Florida-based Industrial Nanotech Inc. is launching a nationwide campaign to encourage US governors to consider its insulating coating products as a way to boost energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Industrial Nanotech produces a line of Nansulate(R) products that use nanotechnology to create water-based, low-VOC specialty coatings that can be applied to surfaces like paint. The…

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Coffee-stain technology promises better TVs, LCDs

Nifty: the bane of caffeine-craving bookworms everywhere -- those round, brown and ugly coffee stains -- could actually prove the inspiration for cutting-edge television screen technology. New Scientist reports this week that Ivan Vakarelski, an engineer in Singapore, envisions the mechanism that creates coffee stains as a way to more easily and cost-effectively create transparent, conductive…

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New nanocar runs cool

Researchers at Rice University have developed a new type of nanocar that moves at room temperature -- a first for the molecule-sized "vehicles" that previous needed to be heated to 200 degrees Celsius in order to run. The super-tiny cars have a paddlewheel motor powered by light energy. First developed in the laboratory of James Tour in…

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