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Prodea releases platform for the ‘connected home’
A company called Prodea Systems has released what it calls a “one-of-a-kind” platform for the connected home. Prodea says its Residential Operating System (ROS) delivers numerous services on a single managed platform: entertainment, education, health and wellness, a private cloud, home security, automation, energy management and enhanced communication. The... Read more
IT giants target barriers to internet of things
Some of the world’s biggest technology companies have come together to “break down the barriers” standing in the way of the internet of things. The founding members of the new Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) include AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel. The open membership organization will focus on eliminating... Read more
UK, Germany target 5G, ‘internet of things’
As two countries that have made new technology development a priority, the UK and Germany are teaming up in hopes of doing even more to promote economy-building digital innovations. Both UK Prime Minister David Cameron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke about those goals Sunday at the opening of... Read more
BT trials new networking tech for ‘internet of things’
Delivering on the potential of the “internet of things” (IoT) means being able to make devices of all kinds — from mobile phones to city lampposts — “talk” to one another easily and efficiently. However, that’s a challenge in a world where wide bands of the wireless spectrum are... Read more
Google’s $3.2bn Nest purchase is about smarts, not thermostats
Nest Labs was launched with a vision of a “conscious home” made possible in part through a thermostat that “learns” how to save energy and money. That vision is now backed by a $3.2 billion cash purchase by Google. Founded by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, the Palo Alto-based... Read more
Four new smart-grid companies have joined an organization working to promote the use of the Internet Protocol for the networking of “smart objects.” The IPSO (IP for Smart Objects) Alliance also announced plans to begin a series of interoperability tests, and has completed and approved two new standards for... Read more
A funny thing happened on the way to the smart grid: the companies involved in building it all became smarter too. Spend a little time exploring the smart-grid industry landscape, and you’ll discover that — for the firms active in the space, as well as for the technologies and... Read more
In our idealised energy future, where a fully built smart grid functions as efficiently as an “internet of things,” who will be Google? It’s a provocative question, no doubt. Still, it’s probably far too early yet to identify the organisation likely to end up dominating the smart-grid sphere. Will... Read more