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To BYOD or Not to BYOD?

Could you imagine running your business today without internet access or mobile phones? For most mid-market companies, it’s unthinkable. How else could you reach tech support while you’re on the road? How else could a valued customer get in touch for a last-minute change in an order after you’ve left work for the day? That kind of…

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Simple changes boost efficiency

The choices consumers make today are increasingly likely to include a green alternative, such as more energy-efficient computing and information technology. These so-called environmentally conscious options are becoming more accepted as people understand that they bring positive consequences for the environment while at the same time also delivering real economic and operational benefits. Consider a prime…

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Around the world, college students say sustainability is key

The world's next-generation workforce -- students in university today -- have strong opinions about the future of business, sustainability and real-time access to a wealth of information. But many don't believe the education they've received has fully prepared them to deal with the challenges related to those issues. Students in today's "Millenial generation" also expect to…

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