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Greening your business computing strategies is not only a smart way to enhance your brand in the eyes of customers: it can save you money in both electricity costs and equipment wear-and-tear. In fact, an overwhelming majority – 71 percent – of mid-size companies say cutting costs is their... Read more
Europe’s recently approved “green” code of conduct for data centres paves the way for a new generation of providers that take energy efficiency and the use of renewables to ever higher levels, according to one industry expert. “As we plan the first data centres under the new code of... Read more
The following is a guest commentary by Aydin Kurt-Elli, CEO of Lumison, a UK-based business ISP: If I learned one thing this week from Green IT Expo in London it’s that irony is alive and well and appears to be the most sustainable of all energy supplies, powering entire... Read more
Editor’s Note: This article, which examines the benefits of green IT in the enterprise, is the fourth in a series of six special features the IEEE is preparing for Greenbang. The author is Jim Hearnden, member of the IEEE and enterprise technologist at Dell. Whether the economy is shrinking... Read more
Despite the ongoing recession, most small and large enterprises across Europe plan to maintain or increase spending on green IT, according to a new survey from HP. Of 2,000 decision-makers and IT users surveyed across seven European markets, 81 per cent said they would either stay the course or... Read more
Thin computing firm Wyse Technology is helping schools in Norway meet their green IT targets. Wyse installed more than 1,000 zero clients in schools in Vestby municipality, Norway. The new infrastructure replaces 650 PCs previously used in the schools and helps reduce power consumption. Vestby local authorities last year... Read more
Greenpeace says the first results of its Cool IT Challenge expose the IT industry’s “inadequate leadership in tackling climate change despite its claim to have the immense potential to enable 15 per cent cuts or more in all global greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.” To deliver on its potential,... Read more
A new study from Symantec Corp. finds that senior-level IT executives are interested in green IT strategies not just for cost savings, but because they have a growing awareness of the importance of improving their organisations’ environmental standing. Symantec’s 2009 Green IT Report finds that 97 per cent of... Read more
The British Computer Society (BCS) has launched new three-day certification course for professionals seeking to understand best practices in green information technology. “Organisations need to know how to comply with ever-tightening legislation, how they can create significant cost-efficiencies, and how to balance the internal and external economic drivers they... Read more
An independent survey of senior data centre professionals from across Europe carried out on behalf of Digital Realty Trust has revealed heightened concerns about government regulation in the European data centre industry. The survey, conducted by Campos Research, found that nearly 70 per cent of companies said they are... Read more