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A “BaleHaus” made of prefabricated straw bales and hemp cladding panels will soon be going up on the campus of the University of Bath, and people around the world will be able to watch the construction progress online via “Strawcam” from Monday 20 July. Researchers at the university are... Read more
Developers will be encouraged to build to greener standards and make homes cheaper to heat and run, under changes announced this week by Housing Minister John Healey. New measures aimed to support the industry in the current recession will also give developers more time to start building and further flexibility... Read more
Spain’s Tecnalia Technological Corporation and the Metropoli Foundation have created a new enterprise focused on eco-efficient architecture. AmetsLab will explore, among other subjects, buildings that minimise to zero three fundamental aspects: energy, water and waste. The idea of a “Zero Energy” structure is that the building should generate only... Read more
The secret to an ancient eco-friendly building technique could lie in the structure of your typical successful sandcastle, according to researchers at Durham University. The building technique, known as rammed earth, is growing in popularity today as a sustainable building method. Experts at Durham’s School of Engineering have been... Read more