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Clean energy advocates in Britain hope to get on with their goal of getting more residents to install solar panels now that the Supreme Court has dealt a final blow to the government’s attempt to cut solar subsidies ahead of schedule. Late last year, UK officials announced plans to... Read more
Call it penny-wise, pound-foolish (or Euro-foolish) … although “cutting off your nose to spite your face” might be more apt. Budget-cutting governments are putting the brakes on spending for a variety of clean-energy and sustainability measures, raising the likelihood that our bills for energy and dealing with the impacts... Read more
Suntech Power Holdings’ rooftop solar-energy system has won the approval of France’s evaluation committee for building integrated photovoltaic products, an agency known as CEIAB. The OK means that French homeowners and businesses that install the company’s Just Roof technology will qualify for the country’s highest solar feed-in tariff (FIT)... Read more
The only way for the UK renewable energy market to grow to a respectable size comparable with Germany is for it to have the full support of the incumbent government. The fact that large-scale solar PV farms are beginning to appear in the English countryside should be celebrated as... Read more
The introduction of the feed-in tariff (FIT) incentive policy on 1 April has sparked an explosive reaction in the UK renewable energy market with solar leading the way in installations, according to a new Greenbang research report titled, “The UK’s Feed-in Tariff: Impact, response and market trends for the... Read more
With many churches in the UK struggling financially, a British energy company says it’s found a solution that’s good for both the environment and their bottom lines: rooftop solar panels. British Gas figures that churches and other religious buildings in the country could raise as much as £34 million... Read more
An initiative from the Department of Energy and Climate Change due to launch across the UK on April 1 looks set to boost demand for solar energy on an unprecedented level. Known as the feed-in tariff, the proposal suggests that, despite some scepticism and reports to the contrary, Britain... Read more