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Where are electric cars hitting the road in the greatest numbers? Japan, the US, China and Europe are leading the way, with a wide variety of programs and incentives encouraging city-dwellers in particular to switch to plug-in-based transport. Just 16 cities in nine countries account for nearly one-third of... Read more
We tend to assume that moving toward a world of all electric, zero-emissions cars is just a matter of time. The reasoning goes like this: year after year, more and more owners of gasoline-powered vehicles will trade in their carbon-emitting wheels for cleaner, plug-in models until, voila, at one... Read more
Transforming today’s gasoline-dependent roads into “green highways” for electric cars is a lot more complex than just adding a few charging stations every 10 or 20 miles. And considering we’re trying to build an electrified transport system in a short span of time — we don’t have the luxury... Read more
It doesn’t take a genius to understand why electric vehicles (EVs) would seem especially appealing in a state where the lowest gas prices are currently over $4 per gallon. While electric car sales in the US have yet to reach critical mass (GM, for example, has put a temporary... Read more
A record number of electric cars are making their debut at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and some of them wouldn’t have been possible without cost-sharing programs between automakers and the US Department of Energy (DOE). The program is aimed at finding new, more affordable... Read more
Boost domestic hydrocarbon production? Yes. Improve the fuel economy of cars on the road today? Yes again. But an even bigger key to curbing US hunger for imported oil lies with plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) … a whole lot more of them, according to the non-partisan advocacy group Securing... Read more
Convergys, Plug Smart partner for real-time EV charging data
Convergys and Plug Smart are teaming up to provide real-time rating, billing and data management support for electric vehicle charging stations. The partnership pairs Zephyr, Plug Smart’s charging station technology, with Convergys’ “Smart Revenue” billing solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging. “The billing challenges utilities face in the wake... Read more
Siemens and Volvo have announced a new partnership aimed at advancing the technical development of electric cars. The two companies plans to jointly develop electrical drive technology, power electronics and charging technology, as well as find ways to integrate those systems into Volvo’s C 30 electric cars. The first... Read more
Chinese technology firm BYD, which makes internal combustion and electric cars (EVs), rechargeable batteries and solar-energy technology, is teaming up with rental car operator Hertz to promote the development of the EV market in China. Through their new partnership, the companies aim to help develop new energy applications to... Read more
UK businesses that lease electric cars through Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions will be able to have a charging unit installed as part of the package. The offering is part of an agreement between Hitachi Capital and British Gas. Hitachi Capital’s fleet offering includes all electric vehicle (EV) makes and... Read more