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There’s one hangover from the global financial crisis of 2008 that’s over now, and that’s anything but good news. After falling dramatically post-crisis, global carbon emissions from fossil fuels have not only rebounded but reached a new record high of 9.1 gigatons in 2010, according to the latest figures... Read more
We’ve heard it before, but this time the message comes in the form of a joint statement from 11 of the world’s biggest engineering organizations: we already have all the technology we need to slash global greenhouse gas emissions by 85 percent by 2050. Released a month ahead of... Read more
If Volkswagen is Darth Vader, Greenpeace International is hoping there’s some good in it yet. The organization has launched a campaign urging the car company to “turn away from the dark side” and stop opposing Europe’s greenhouse gas reduction targets. Greenpeace’s VW Darkside website features a short video with... Read more
Some of the world’s largest cities are being asked to publicly disclose what their carbon footprints are in a global effort led by a diverse group of organisations. The Carbon Disclosure Project, which has been tracking greenhouse gas emissions of large businesses since 2000, recently sent questionnaires to the... Read more
A new carbon cycle model developed by researchers in Europe indicates that global carbon emissions must start dropping by no later than 2015 to prevent the planet from tipping into dangerous climate instability. The finding is likely to put new pressure on the world’s top two carbon emitters —... Read more
Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, it turns out you can’t judge how carbon intensive a country is by its reported carbon emissions alone. That’s because, whenever it imports goods from other parts of the world, a nation is effectively “outsourcing” its carbon emissions to... Read more
What do you think about current efforts to curb carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption? Are businesses doing enough? Should the government be establishing even stricter regulations? Tell us what you think at the Carbon Conversation, Greenbang’s new poll in association with Cisco. Answering the questions takes only five... Read more
With the Copenhagen climate conference set to kick off in just a week, how confident are you that an effective carbon reduction agreement can be reached? We’re surveying our readers and want to hear from you. Plus, if you take part, you get a chance to win some really... Read more
What do you think about current efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions? Are we taking the right steps or not? You can have your say and help spark some constructive discussion via the Carbon Conversation, Greenbang’s new poll in association with Cisco. Just click here now to get started... Read more
Keeping transport-related energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions from ballooning out of control between now and 2050 will require a mix of improved fuel efficiency, new technologies and stronger government policies, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). The new report, “Transport, Energy and CO2:... Read more