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Businesses need future-tech-ready employees
Your business might be humming along just fine right now. But what about five or 10 years from now? Are sure you and your employees will be able to make the most of evolving information technologies to stay competitive? That’s a question all small- and medium-sized business owners should... Read more
Is more IT always better for business?
Innovations like cloud computing have made it easier than ever for small- and medium-sized businesses to offer advanced, IT-enabled services and support to their customers. But just because they can, does it mean they should? It’s become a given that people should be able to interact with companies in... Read more
Businesses across North East England have a chance to take advantage of a unique scheme offering them new ideas from the region’s postgraduate students. The North East Studentship, or NESt, will fund postgraduate students to work with companies on new and ground-breaking projects while they are studying at one... Read more
Mark Dowling of Giraffe Innovation talks to Greenbang about its eco design consultancy which looks at the environmental impact of businesses. Read more
To Greenbang’s mind, Carbon offsets are bit like saying you’re on a diet and then going to McDonalds and ordering a Big Mac, extra large fries, an ice cream and a diet coke: sure, you’re making a minor improvement, but you could be doing a lot more. The Carbon... Read more
Like some members of the Australian cricket team, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (let’s call them UNIDO for short) has been up to some interesting stuff in India. In a flurry of glitter cannons and bikini’d lovelies holding an oversized cheque (oh, alright, probably in a meeting between... Read more
How often have you wondered if your cheap shirt from a budget clothes store was made by a some underage, underpaid worker in a Chinese sweatshop? Greenbang is guessing if you answered yes, you’re probably not the only one. By a long shot. If you were doing the Family... Read more
Ken Livingstone will have to go a long way to apologise to the world for his part in a series of adverts promoting cheese back in the heady brace and leg warmer wearing 1980s. Back then, he was pushing red leicester, trading on his Red Ken nickname. Now he’s... Read more