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As the European Union rolls out smart electricity meters and other grid-modernizing technologies, utility companies are facing more challenges than ever. To help them better manage outages, bring on renewable energy sources and juggle a host of new applications, Echelon and Oracle are teaming up to offer them a... Read more
It’s one more sign of how energy is increasingly equivalent to security: From its new Energy Control Center (ECC) in Sunnyvale, California, Serious Energy is now providing round-the-clock energy monitoring for its commercial building customers, much in the way security companies have long offered security-camera and alarm monitoring. The... Read more
A combination of technologies from two companies is aimed at helping utilities get detailed information about grid performance that can help keep energy systems stable and reliable. Tollgrade Communications has developed a new application that works with smart-grid firm Echelon’s Control Operating System (COS) to provide analytics-based insights into... Read more
Utilities often find it hard to help commercial-building operators analyze and reduce their energy consumption, because on-site audits are costly and time-consuming. Using analytics to crunch building consumption data, on the other hand, could make it easier for energy companies to help commercial customers cut their electricity use and... Read more
IBM has created a new Services Innovation Lab aimed at speeding up both its technology service offerings and capabilities. The lab of some 200 technology experts hand-picked from around the company will focus on such projects as applications for mobile computing and smarter networks, cloud computing, advanced analytics and... Read more
Utilities and data center operators have a new analytics tool available to help them make sense of the massive volumes of data being generated by a smarter, increasingly networked power grid. Midas Medici Group Holdings’ new UtiliPoint Analytics is designed to advance smart-grid applications, smart meter data management and... Read more
More and more, technology companies are realising “there’s gold in them thar data” … as in all the data that is being, or will be, generated by smart meters and other sensors deployed across the future smart grid. Just look at all the data-related products and services targeting utilities:... Read more
During the month of April, Greenbang will be focusing its research on a topic that’s critical to the success of a smarter energy infrastructure: smart-grid analytics. Among the reports scheduled for release this month are a Greenbang Smart Matrix on key players in the smart-grid analytics space, a strategy... Read more
California-based energy intelligence company EPS Corp today announced the addition of a new data analysis tool to the company’s xChange Point energy and carbon management software. Entelliview provides interactive and versatile data dashboards that summarise up-to-the-minute business performance in a highly visual, easy-to-understand format, according to EPS Corp. It... Read more