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T-Solar starts making ‘world’s largest solar panels’

t-solarT-Solar, a photovoltaics company based in Spain, has begun volume production of what it says are the world’s largest solar panels. With an area of 5.7m2, the panels are designed for large-scale solar farms and — compared to smaller panels — can reduce installation costs by 20 percent, the company says.

The modules are made with a SunFab Thin Film Line from Applied Materials.

T-Solar says it expects to  produce about 700,000m2 of the panels every year … enough to provide up to 45 megawatts of energy generation. As the company improves production efficiency and reduces material costs, it eventually plans to increase that output by 40 percent.

“Our fully certified, higher-value solar panels will provide us with a significant opportunity to serve the expanding European market for large commercial buildings and solar farm applications,” said Juan Laso, general manager of T-Solar and president of the Photovoltaic Enterprise Association. “We’ve invested in what we believe is the best technology and equipment to manufacture solar panels that will allow us to continuously drive down the cost of solar energy generation.”

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