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Supply chain software hits the market

962497_rusty_chain.jpgSupply chains (yawn) are yet another bit of the compliance picture we now have to look at.

As boring as it is, it’s also very, very important to ensure: transparency, quality, ethical sourcing, and CO2-friendly transport.

So here’s a bit of software made by ILOG that looks after just that. Until now it’s been a bit of a nightmare working out how resources are sourced. And having transparency to compare bits and bobs has been quite tough too.

Greenbang wonders if this really can change that. Greenbang doesn’t know because he’s not tried it. Your comments, please…

It’s also nice to see IT finally looking to solve some problems other than cutting data centre energy use. Very bored of that old chestnut now.

“While the value of inventory optimisation is unchallenged, rising fuel costs have placed even more attention on every aspect of cost within the supply chain,” said David Simchi-Levi, professor at MIT, co-author of “Designing and Managing the Supply Chain” and Chief Science Officer at ILOG.

“The ability to manage your inventory and customer service levels more effectively will reduce unnecessary expediting and hence transportation costs. ILOG’s Inventory Analyst 7.0 and ILOG Product Flow Optimizer 7.0 address these challenges, integrate easily with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and complement ILOG’s advanced planning and scheduling software. The enhanced ease of integration and ease-of-use features improve the return on investment in inventory optimisation and eliminate the barriers to broader adoption of the technology.”

World Kitchen, LLC, a long-time user of ILOG Inventory Analyst, has been using the latest version of the ILOG software. “Since upgrading to the new release of ILOG Inventory Analyst, we have seen significant improvements in ease of use and integration,” said Brock Cummings, senior supply chain analyst at World Kitchen, LLC. “Due to the new scenario wizard and data store import functions, the extract, transform and load time has been reduced by over 75 percent. Our safety stock solution includes our ERP backbone, SAP, MS Access, Sharepoint, and ILOG Inventory Analyst.”

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