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Super eco-bike to save athletes’ lungs, the world

A new eco-friendly mode of transport could be the way China stops choking athletes next year at the Beijing Olympics. It could also be the way the country, growing quicker than a caterpillar on steroids, stops gassing the rest of the world too.

Okay, a new type of bike probably isn’t that much of a panacea, but every little counts, and ITN has pictures of the blighter too.

The so-called e-bike – which runs on batteries – is a cross-breed between a bike and a scooter. Its Chinese manufacturers say it is environmentally friendly and could go a long way to helping China’s green crusade – the country is already the world’s biggest emitter of sulfur dioxide and the second-highest producer of Co2.

One happy owner said: “It is very convenient and fast to drive and you can just recharge it at home when the battery runs out, and there is no noise.”

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