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Sundae on the Common

batteryA couple of years back Greenbang did some research into recycling batteries.  Cutting out most of the literature, introduction and methodology (and shrinking the conclusion too) she found that it was a blummin’ nightmare to do.

Indeed, it’s estimated that 660 million batteries end up in landfill sites each year as a result.

The research was for a battery maker and recommended that a database of all UK recycling facilities and linked to GIS data such as Google Maps be created.  Greenbang’s also ashamed to admit that she recommended the insertion of recharge into the reduce, reuse, recycle triangle as a marketing approach.

Since it is so difficult and frustrating to recycle the batteries Greenbang is impressed with an initiative taking place this weekend.  The same West Country based rechargeable battery maker, Uniross, will be attending the Sundae on the Common festival and giving away free rechargeable batteries in exchange for dead normal ones.

The festival is taking place at Clapham Common in South London and, since Ben & Jerry’s is celebrating three decades there should also be lots of ice cream.

A tiny bit from the release:

“Whilst at the tent, visitors are also invited to recharge their own devices by using pedal power to generate electricity via the five on-site pedal powered electricity banks. So if your ipod or mobile phone needs a power boost, pull up a deck chair and get pedalling! Alternatively, younger attendees can get their picture taken with the famous WWF panda or enjoy the R/C dune buggies and Tumblers in the play area, whilst parents browse through the Uniross range of multi-usage batteries and variety of chargers, including USB, wind and solar models. There is a festival offer of a free Uniross Compact charger with every pack of Uniross AA or AAA batteries purchased.”

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